ECO Elevators

The ECO hydraulic lift is the ideal solution to ensure optimum performance at the right price.

The profiles are U-shaped FE510 steel with direct contact, the lifting cylinder is double-acting, the hydraulic hoses and the two lifting chains are located at the side for better visibility.

Available in 3 versions, with maximum capacities of 300, 800 and 1,500 kg, and lifting heights up to 3,800 mm, the ECO is easy to use! It is versatile and suitable for any use: hobby, open field or orchard.

ECO and all Tecnoagri forklifts allow you to customise your user experience! Choose from a wide range of fittings and accessories to add value to your business!

Tecnoagri Eco lift evidence 2

Capacity in motion

300, 800, 1.500 Kg

Tecnoagri Eco lift evidence 1

Max. lifting height

3.800 mm

Tecnoagri Eco lift evidence 3


U, direct contact

Tecnoagri Elevator Movement

Customise your user experience.

All Tecnoagri forklifts are available with 1 to 4 hydraulic movements: lifting, tilting, fork translation and axle tightening.

Tecnoagri Eco Elevator Feature 1

3 Versions, for all needs!

The ECO 300 kg is perfect for small farms and hobbies. The load capacity is 300 kg. And the lifting height 1,600 mm.

Tecnoagri Eco Elevator Feature 2

3 Versions, for all needs!

ECO 800 kg. It is idelae for handling in orchards, small and medium-sized farms. The load capacity is 800 kg. And the maximum lifting height is 2,200 mm.

Tecnoagri Eco Elevator Feature 3

3 Versions, for all needs!

ECO 1500 Kg. It is specifically designed for handling in orchards, open fields, medium and large farms. The load capacity is 1,500 kg and the maximum lifting height is 3,800 mm.

Tecnoagri Eco Elevator Feature 4

Double-acting cylinder

The double-acting cylinder improves control over the lifting and lowering of the load.

Tecnoagri Eco Elevator Feature 5

Chains and tubes

The hydraulic hoses and two lifting chains are located to the side for better visibility

Tecnoagri Eco Lift Feature 6

Steel forks

Resistant but manageable.

Tecnoagri Eco Lift Feature 7

Lever distributor

To optimise machine control, we supply the hydraulic lever distributor!


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Our sales and after-sales department offers prompt responses to requests for quotations and order processing. Service is immediate and our large warehouse enables spare parts to be dispatched within 24 hours.
Attention to detail tailoring approach
We devote our efforts to producing a product that is reliable in all respects. We listen to the customer and offer the possibility of customising products.
Endurance, product durability and resistance
Our products are the most durable on the market: thanks to their specific strength and resistance. Maintenance is rarely required within the first few years of life.
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From the supply chain of materials to the choice of collaborators, we only work with qualified and certified Italian components. We want to enhance the value of the supply chain in our region.

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