Since 1984, we have been designing and manufacturing machines for agriculture, agri-food, industry and landscaping.

The success we have achieved over the years is due to our great ability and willingness to constantly innovate in the direction of full customer satisfaction.



Production is achieved through the quality choices we make every day. From design to the choice of raw materials, from welding, painting and assembly work to technical and functional testing and quality control.

Our aim is to make excellent products that, in terms of quality and reliability, fully satisfy our customers’ needs and help make their work less tiring and more productive, while respecting the environment.




We work nationally and internationally. We are currently present in 24 countries with an export turnover of 50% of production. 

From the earliest stages of our development, we have focused on European and international markets. A logic of expansion that continues to give us important satisfaction, rewarding the quality of the products made in Tecnoagri.

Our History

We are made up of people and traditions: the management is a family one, the foundation in 1984 was born from Graziano’s dream of creating and making known to the world a product of excellence, destined for the people of agriculture and deeply linked to the land, its cycles and its traditions. 

Today, we have moved on to the second generation with Michael, who continues the vision, objectives and values.


Company policy

We conduct our business according to the principle of uncompromising integrity: we seek a balance between business and social interest, we pursue value creation and customer satisfaction, and we promote responsible management with mutual respect. This is achieved by employees who are proud to be part of the corporate structure and by partners and suppliers who are proud and happy to work with us.


We work every day to design, manufacture and distribute products around the world that, in terms of quality, reliability and service excellence, completely satisfy our customers’ needs. Our aim is to improve the quality of their lives by making their work less tiring and more productive, while respecting the environment.


Quality, versatility, safety and reliability of the products are the basic concepts of the company’s philosophy, supported by the selection of certified, top-quality raw materials and the professionalism and experience of our team.


We continue our journey on the road to innovation, towards new solutions and new frontiers, without being satisfied with our successes and achievements, in order to improve the quality of the work of women and men while protecting nature and the environment.

Our team

Team-oriented collaborative management has created a select and qualified team that is motivated and proud to belong to the company structure. We are a young team with an average age of 40.

Our employees are distinguished by highly professional and qualified hard and soft skills, necessary to guarantee a product that stands out for its reliability, safety and durability.

The team is divided into the 4 departments that make up the production cycle:
Tecnoagri Team
Welding Department
Tecnoagri Team
Painting Department
Il team di Tecnoagri
Assembly Department
Tecnoagri Team
Machine Tools Department


Our products are distributed in more than 24 countries around the world and come with a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty with no limitation on the number of hours of operation. 

Our efforts are always aimed at ensuring high quality, optimum reliability and complete safety of the equipment we manufacture. The perfect efficiency and durability of any machine depends not only on careful construction and state-of-the-art engineering, but also on correct use and effective and constant maintenance.

During the warranty period, defects will be repaired free of charge at any authorised dealer, or at our premises, provided the machine has been used correctly and maintained in accordance with the Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual.

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Service and customer relations
Our sales and after-sales department offers prompt responses to requests for quotations and order processing. Service is immediate and our large warehouse enables spare parts to be dispatched within 24 hours.
Attention to detail tailoring approach
We devote our efforts to producing a product that is reliable in all respects. We listen to the customer and offer the possibility of customising products.
Endurance, product durability and resistance
Our products are the most durable on the market: thanks to their specific strength and resistance. Maintenance is rarely required within the first few years of life.
Made in Italy, Italian manufacturing, passion
From the supply chain of materials to the choice of collaborators, we only work with qualified and certified Italian components. We want to enhance the value of the supply chain in our region.

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