Cutting Bars

To complete the range of hydraulic boom cutters and orchard pruners, Tecnoagri offers a line of hydraulic lopper bars and disc and tine cutter bars. All the bars can also be applied to excavators, backhoes and operating machines of any make and model. Skimmer model lopper bars are available in different models and are specifically designed for cutting branches up to 10 cm. The Kite and Snipe lopper bars are available with saw blades and teeth for cutting branches up to 18 cm. All bars guarantee the well-being of the plants, avoiding damage with a clean cut without tearing.

KITE, SNIPE, COMMON lopper bars
Service and customer relations
Our sales and after-sales department offers prompt responses to requests for quotations and order processing. Service is immediate and our large warehouse enables spare parts to be dispatched within 24 hours.
Attention to detail tailoring approach
We devote our efforts to producing a product that is reliable in all respects. We listen to the customer and offer the possibility of customising products.
Endurance, product durability and resistance
Our products are the most durable on the market: thanks to their specific strength and resistance. Maintenance is rarely required within the first few years of life.
Made in Italy, Italian manufacturing, passion
From the supply chain of materials to the choice of collaborators, we only work with qualified and certified Italian components. We want to enhance the value of the supply chain in our region.

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