Production is achieved through the quality choices we make every day. From design to the choice of raw materials, from welding, painting and assembly to technical and functional testing and quality control.

Our aim is to create products of excellence that in terms of quality, reliability and competitiveness fully satisfy the needs of customers and markets, helping to make work less tiring and more productive, while respecting the environment.

We combine technology with expertise and technical mastery to produce high-end products.

Our production is the expression of passion, talent and the will to strive for excellence, and is the result of a mix of top quality raw materials and highly professional and qualified workers. In this way, we guarantee the creation of a product that stands out for its reliability, safety and durability.

Expression of authentic Made in Italy.

Expression of an authentic and certified Made in Tecnoagri, Italy.

The affixing of the “ONLY FIRST QUALITY” seal on the machines certifies our response to the most demanding customer expectations and expresses the 6 quality choices we make every day.

Materie prime

Raw Materials

Raw materials of the highest quality, with a specific focus on components made in Italy and Germany. 


Comfortable environments, state-of-the-art design software, efficient work equipment and machinery to ensure efficiency, excellence and product performance.

Factory in Italy

Factory in Italy

Production in our Italian factories, to guarantee the control of every single phase.


Technical and functional testing of every single machine.


Customer satisfaction

Optimised pre- and after-sales services, to deal with requests in a few hours and achieve customer satisfaction


Spare parts

Immediate response to enquiries and service enhanced by a large stock of spare parts that can be dispatched within twenty-four hours.



Our products are distributed in more than 24 countries around the world and come with a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty with no limitation on operating hours. 

Our efforts are always aimed at ensuring high quality, optimum reliability and complete safety of the equipment we manufacture. The perfect efficiency and durability of any machine depends not only on careful construction and state-of-the-art engineering, but also on proper use and effective and constant maintenance. 

During the warranty period, defects will be repaired free of charge at any authorised dealer, or at our head office, provided that the machine has been used correctly and maintained in accordance with the methods set out in the Installation, Use and Maintenance Manual.

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Service and customer relations
Our sales and after-sales department offers prompt responses to requests for quotations and order processing. Service is immediate and our large warehouse enables spare parts to be dispatched within 24 hours.
Attention to detail tailoring approach
We devote our efforts to producing a product that is reliable in all respects. We listen to the customer and offer the possibility of customising products.
Endurance, product durability and resistance
Our products are the most durable on the market: thanks to their specific strength and resistance. Maintenance is rarely required within the first few years of life.
Made in Italy, Italian manufacturing, passion
From the supply chain of materials to the choice of collaborators, we only work with qualified and certified Italian components. We want to enhance the value of the supply chain in our region.

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