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GOLDSTRONG is the Hardox series flail mower, specifically for tractors with 50 to 90 horsepower (min). The application is rear. The special Double Hardox frame, the three rows of counter-knives, the oversized rotor, the reinforced roller and the steel straps make it ideal for heavy-duty work at the limit of resistance: for shredding grass, bushes, brambles and branches, but also for work in orchards and open fields: corn stalks, sorghum, cotton, grass, straw, potato leaves, beet leaves, sugar cane and for the maintenance of uncultivated land.

The working widths vary from 150 to 260 cm and all the accessories to facilitate working are already standard: hydraulic movement, skids and rear roller with soil scraper.

Goldstrong shredder Tecnoagri evidence 1

Tractor power

50-90 HP

Goldstrong Tecnoagri Evidence 2 Shredder

Working width

150-260 cm

Goldstrong shredder Tecnoagri evidence 3


770-1160 kg.

Goldstrong shredder Tecnoagri feature 1

frame Double Hardox

The double frame with hardox countersink makes Goldstrong the ideal instrument for working at the limit!

Goldstrong shredder Tecnoagri feature 2

Cat 2 3-point linkage with hydraulic traverse and oversized rotor

To make work easier, 500 mm hydraulic translation is standard on a reinforced attachment arch. To improve performance, the rotor is enlarged.

Goldstrong shredder Tecnoagri feature 3

chassis Higher

The special frame Higher facilitates chopping and grinding operations.

Goldstrong shredder Tecnoagri feature 4

Frame with rounded corner.

The rounded corner in the frame prevents contact with shrubs and vegetation.

Goldstrong shredder Tecnoagri feature 5

Front steel protective strips

For the protection of operators during chopping operations.

Goldstrong shredder Tecnoagri feature 6

Skids and rear roller with soil scraper

The support skids are adjustable to adjust the working height. The rear roller is produced with a soil scraper.

Goldstrong shredder Tecnoagri feature 7 field photos

3 rows of counterblades

With three rows of counter-knives, the material is chopped more efficiently even during heavy-duty work.

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