Hydraulic Side Tipper MRS

The MRS Hydraulic SideTipper meets the strictest agri-food standards and allows you to customize your user experience!

We have patented a revolutionary locking system!

MRS, with the clamp system, is able to tighten, overturn, reposition and release the bins avoiding any contact between the overturned product and the hydraulic or mechanical parts of the machine: perfect tuning directly from the special valve.

The bin remains suspended in the void!

And depending on your needs, you can increase or decrease the rotation speed, or the pressure exerted on the box.

MRS and the other Tecnoagri dumpers are universal for all types of forklifts and trolleys.

Rovesciatore MRS Movimentazione

Handling capacity


Rovesciatore MRS Rovesciamento

Overturning capacity

750 kg.

Rovesciatore MRS Rotazione


180° right or left

Rovesciatore MRS Caratteristiche

Revolutionary locking system!

The clamping and double clamping system of the MRS Hydraulic Dumper is our exclusive patent. Thanks to this technology, MRS ensures a solid grip on bins and containers, even of different heights.

Rovesciatore MRS Caratteristiche

New special valve!

With the new special valve, customizing the rotation speed or the pressure exerted on the bins is very easy.

Rovesciatore MRS Caratteristiche

The most robust and the most compact!

MRS is the strongest and most compact tipper on the market: with only 27 cm of thickness, the bulk is eliminated and the processing, handling and storage of the bins are facilitated.

Rovesciatore MRS Caratteristiche


MRS can be quickly applied to all types of forklifts with triple quick coupling, and then to forklifts, packaging lines and operating machines.

Rovesciatore MRS Caratteristiche

Road handling?

Choose the model with folding forks!

Rovesciatore MRS Tecnoagri

Do you want to use the forks of your forklift?

The MRS FEM set-up allows you to apply the loading forks of your forklift to its plates. This way, you can customize the fork spacing to suit your needs.

Rovesciatore MRS Tecnoagri

Do you work in food?

Stainless steel makes the dumper unalterable to corrosive agents: mainly humidity and water.

The ergonomics of the equipment allows a quick and simple sanitization of the surfaces.

The stainless steel MRS tipper is used for handling, storing and tipping products intended for the canning industry, the meat and fish slaughtering industry. Inalterability to corrosion, sanitation speed, safety and ease of use are the winning features that make the product an indispensable piece of equipment for the food industry.

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Service and customer relations
Our sales and after-sales department offers prompt responses to requests for quotations and order processing. Service is immediate and our large warehouse enables spare parts to be dispatched within 24 hours.
Attention to detail tailoring approach
We devote our efforts to producing a product that is reliable in all respects. We listen to the customer and offer the possibility of customising products.
Endurance, product durability and resistance
Our products are the most durable on the market: thanks to their specific strength and resistance. Maintenance is rarely required within the first few years of life.
Made in Italy, Italian manufacturing, passion
From the supply chain of materials to the choice of collaborators, we only work with qualified and certified Italian components. We want to enhance the value of the supply chain in our region.

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